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Tanjungtimber completes the acquisition of the sawmill after three years operating in a contracted sawmill. This will solidify a more complete production chain-of-custody and a more complete control over the quality.

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Solid Moulding


Demanded for its high quality timber, Tanjungtimber solid moulding has made its own trademark at all over Europe main market. High quality production of the solid timber enables the end user to be hassle free when applying the timber. We select the uniform color and high grade timber to be delivered to customer as our primary product. Focus on made-to-order business, Tanjungtimber can offer solid moulding product in variety range of sizes and quality customized as per requirements.

Finger Joint & LaminatingFINGER JOINT & LAMINATING

Finger joint and laminating are developed processes of timber business over decades. However, with constant research and intensive quality control, Tanjungtimber makes its fingerjoint and laminating products distinguish from the market. Every production is being QC-ed and tested for its features. Achieving KOMO Product Certificate in finger joint and laminating is one of the proven commitments by the management to deliver good quality products.


With engineering production, the flexibility allows us to fully-efficient utilize the timber through technical and industrialized method while still maintaining the natural timber look. Working closely with customer, Tanjungtimber management invents and initiates new products that favor better for the consumers. New ideas are continuously developed to optimize timber value.


Understanding more on the consumer needs, various line of finishing is introduced to be applied on the wood such as base coating, lacquering, color painting, paper wrapping, veneer wrapping. Customers can request the order to be customized to their preferences to most of the available paint finishing or most of the popular veneer species. The adaptable production structure invites the customers to introduce new ideas on the finishing of the products.


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