Friday 27th of November 2020



Tanjungtimber completes the acquisition of the sawmill after three years operating in a contracted sawmill. This will solidify a more complete production chain-of-custody and a more complete control over the quality.

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MaintenanceUnderstanding that quality is one of the assets in preserving the business, the company employs Total Quality Control Management at all levels of operation. Dealing with high value material, Tanjungtimber personnel acknowledge the importance of scheduled and intensive maintenance of the machines. The ISO 9001:2008 Management Quality System is the standard operating procedure. The essence of ISO existence is to be truly understood by all employees and to be carried out in quality policy.

Investment and upgrades are made for continuous improvement to achieve customer satisfaction. Tanjungtimber has achieved SKH KOMO Product-Certificate from Holland for producing Finger Jointed Timber, and also for Laminated Timber which is now known as Optimized Timber for Non-load-Bearing Application.

The painting line has also achieved KOMO Product Certificate as the first KOMO-registered company in Asia implementing this KOMO product line. Whereas, the veneer is produced in-house to ensure the quality and adaptability.

All products are tested and checked for their quality. All processes are monitored and recorded in details to ensure the constant quality of production. Thorough and proper handling of the timber material will result in higher yield and consistent quality. Standard procedure ensures standard consistent quality.


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